My Director of Care Services, facilitates education, counseling, and support group services for our Clients and their families. With 19 years of experience in counseling and education. A Southern Utah Counseling Experience Director, Matt Eschler, brings a wealth of wisdom and knowledge that will be invaluable in supporting you and your loved one through their aging processes. Experiencing life is definitely rewarding but can be difficult. Assisting with an aging parent while managing your own families growing needs can at times seem unmanageable. Stress, anxiety and uncertainty are all emotions that might need a place to be explored and resolved. Golden Heart Senior Care will provide this place for you!

Anniversary KissIn addition, his poignant personal story creates in him a passion to help equip our clients and their families to rise above the devastating losses that the aging process as well as some degenerative diseases can bring. He works tirelessly to help them make informed decisions; and, to raise up impassioned staff who provide the highest quality of caring services.

Relationships are the KEY to all life cycles. Matt brings his attention to relationships and skills building to the table at Golden Heart Senior Care. He trains staff to think less clinically and more responsively to the real needs of the clients they all serve. The Golden Heart Team literally becomes part of the family systems of the clients they serve. The Golden Heart Team will be as much a part of the family as is needed to provide for a lasting and happy life for all ages.

Let the Golden Heart Team help you with your counseling, educational, and family needs. We wont let you down!