When our senior loved ones retire, one of the easiest things for them to do is get bored. As soon as the pace of their lifestyle slows down, so does the desire to stay active. Senior volunteering can be a big help to fight off boredom.

When our senior loved ones start to lose some of their mental and physical abilities, it is hard for them to maintain some of their favorite hobbies or activities that they have enjoyed most of their life.

Those that have always stayed more to themselves may withdraw further. Even those who have always been very socially active may start spending more time alone. This happens because of the decline in their abilities and the shrinking of their social circle. 

As people age they tend to see more negative in everything. They may complain to you a lot and start spending more time watching television or sleeping during the day. What you don’t want them to do is start losing interest in life.

Benefits | Senior Volunteering

Senior volunteering has benefits for the mind and body. It also enriches the community. Most everyone has had a career and that knowledge can be used to help others through volunteering. Below are a few of the benefits:

  • It’s good for senior image – By using talents and experience, seniors show that they are a valuable asset in the community. It shows that they are active and involved
  • It keeps them physically active  – Maintaining a a healthy level of physical activity wards off disease, injury and helps with memory
  • Bridges the generation gap – Seniors have the opportunity to work with and learn from a younger generation and vice versa
  • Mental health and Alzheimer’s  
  • Prevents isolation and depression – Volunteering is good for psychological wellness. They experience greater satisfaction out of life and it gives them the sense of accomplishment and purpose


There are a multitude of ways and organizations with which to volunteer a seniors time and skills. Below are a few:

  1. Habitat for Humanity
  2. Helping military families and troops
  3. Helping and working with children such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters and children’s hospitals
  4. Volunteer vacations such as Road Scholar
  5. Helping with hunger in the community
  6. Volunteering at the local homeless shelter
  7. Serving as a local tour guide

At Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah in St. George, our highly skilled caregivers can help keep your elderly loved one motivated to serve in the community and keep them mentally and physically active. We are licensed, bonded and insured. 

Visit our website www.goldenheartsouthernutah.com or call (435) 669-3704. You’re in Good Hands with Golden Heart!

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