Did you know that falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for people aged 65+? Falls can result in many different injuries including hip fractures, broken bones and head injuries. Falls that sustain injuries can often be scary for our elderly population. This can cause them to not stay physically active.

If you have an aging parent, friend or other relative, in your life, helping them to reduce their risk of falling can be a great way for keeping them healthy and independent.

Most falls can be prevented if you know the signs to look for. As we get older, we start to lose coordination, balance and flexibility. We also start to experience vision problems, making it harder to see in certain light conditions. 

Medications also come into play and can cause dizziness. Mixing medications can also have adverse effects like dehydration. The side affects of many common medications can lead to a fall.

Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah recognizes the importance of fall prevention and has developed training, oversight, and procedures to help reduce the chances of injury.

Encourage your elderly loved ones to get proper exercise and stay active.

Preventing falls with strength training


  • Over one-third of adults 65+ fall each year
  • 20-30% of all falls cause moderate to severe injuries
  • At least one-third of all falls involve environmental hazards in the home. (Most seniors have lived in their home for a long time and not thought of modifications)
  • Two-thirds of those who fall, will fall again within six months

Solution for Elderly Falls:

Step oneGolden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah can set up a complementary Needs Assessment & Home Inspection using a local certified company.

Home Inspection Includes:

  • Access – Transfer benches, chairs and hand held shower heads need to be assessed 
  • Grab Bars- Must be properly installed in high risk areas (showers and near toilets)
  • Entrances and Pathways – Keep clear of debris and ice
  • Tranfers from Hospital – Are we properly prepared?

Step Two – Care Giver Training

An aide is carefully chosen based on our needs assessment with caring compassion. 

Step Three – Supervision and Progress Monitoring

Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah, St. George, Cedar City would be happy to assist you or your loved one with fall prevention. Please contact us today for more information on how we can help, as well as providing companionship and transfer services.  You’re in Caring Hands With Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah.

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