Each year, every day, hundreds of thousands of our seniors are subjected to elder neglect. They are neglected by family members and caregivers. Unfortunately, most of these seniors cannot help themselves and are dependent on others to take care of their basic needs.

In this day and age, seniors are more active and more visible than ever before. They are also more independent. People are living longer and are in better health well into their later years of life. On the other hand, as our population of seniors continues to grow in numbers, elder neglect and abuse is still common.

Neglect happens when an elderly person is deprived of safety of his/her physical or and/or psychological needs. 

Around 50% of elderly abuse is tied to some sort of neglect. Signs of elder neglect can sometimes take longer to notice that physical abuse. As is the case with other types of abuse, neglect can take place in a nursing home facility or in the elders home. It usually happens by full time caregivers and temporary employees who have frequent contact with the victim. It can also occur with new-found friends who intentionally prey on older adults.

Signs-Elder Neglect

Here are some things to look out for whether the senior adult is living in a caregiving facility or in their own home or a relatives home:


  • Shows anger or frustration or is working too many hours
  • Isolates the elder from the outside world, friends and relatives
  • Lacks proper skills
  • Resists outside help (social and healthcare providers)


  • Shows emotional distress
  • Does not sleep well
  • Confusion
  • Withdrawal or detachment
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Shows fear of caregiver

Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah Elder Abuse Neglect


Another big growing problem is elder self-neglect. This happens when an individual no longer has the ability, due to physical or mental impairment, to take care of themselves.  Some signs of self-neglect are as follows:

  • Signs of poor personal hygiene, not taking baths or trimming nails
  • Poor medication management or refusing to take medication
  • Dehydration or not eating
  • Dirty living quarters
  • Not paying bills, utilities or bouncing checks
  • Lack of proper food in the house
  • Animal or insect infestation
  • Signs of disrepair in the home

The most important thing you can do to stop neglect from happening to your elderly loved one, is to stay involved in their life. Surround them and yourself with trusted people. 

How Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah can help: We are here to assist and protect our clients in every way possible, and we take elder abuse very seriously. Any caregiver who enters your home goes through our process of background checks, drug testing, interviews, and references. We are also licensed and bonded. Please refer to our  Elder Absue Prevention page and our Senior Advocacy page for more information. If you would like Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah to advocate for you and your loved one, please call us at (435) 669-3704.

We also specialize in meal prep and planning, and we can assist with personal hygeine. Many times our clients may be need of equipment to assist them showering and bathing. Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah can help with help with determining what is needed and advocate on the seniors’ behalf. 

Many times family members who are also acting as caregivers are not meaning to neglect their senior loved ones, but get occupied with work and family. Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah can provide much needed companionship services as well. Releasing some of the burden and stress on the family. 

Resources For Reporting Elder Abuse


The Golden Heart Promise: We will provide excellent care to our valued Clients, advocate for their rights, and personify the compassion of a Golden HeartGolden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah, St. George, Cedar City would be happy to assist you or your loved one with in-home care. Please contact us today for more information on how we can help.  You’re in Caring Hands With Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah.



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