In last week’s article we talked about some of the pitfalls of hiring private in-home caregivers. In this week’s article we will talk about the importance of skilled caregivers who have participated in CNA training.

Value of CNA TrainingCNA training

Individuals who have had the required CNA training, possess all of the needed skills to successfully care for an elderly or disabled person. They wear many hats. Each skill that they have is valuable.

This is a job that is much more than making beds and taking care of basic hygiene. Qualified caregivers are truly concerned about the overall health of those that they care for and provide many different services.

Certified Nursing Assistants assist their patients with everyday activities that they can’t do on their own. CNA’s must have excellent people and communication skills. They are the patients main caregiver and act as a front line. 

CNA’s also work with medical technology. They work with health information software, billing software and medical record charting software. CNA’s report information back to registered nurses or nurse practitioners. It is their job to report any patient conditions or concerns.

Responsibilities | CNA

The following is a list of duties that a CNA will perform on a regular basis:

  • Take vital signs
  • Serve meals and help patients eat
  • Bathe and dress 
  • Answer calls
  • Light housekeeping
  • Lift patients into beds, wheelchairs etc.
  • Turn or reposition patients who are bedridden as needed
  • Clean and sanitize areas
  • Change bedding
  • Empty bedpans
  • Examine patients for bruises, bedsores, blood in urine or any other conditions or injuries

CNA’s serve as the main point of contact between the nurses, doctors and organizations that they work for regarding the overall health and condition of the patient. Depending on where they work, a CNA can also provide transportation to important doctors appointments.

Education/Certification| CNA Training

To become a certified Nursing Assistant, formal training with a  post-secondary certificate is required. The training includes basic nursing principles with hands-on supervised clinical work.

Training is offered by community colleges, vocational schools and technical colleges. Once the state required training is complete, CNA’s must complete a competency exam and if they pass, they are placed in the state registry. 

Empathy and Compassion

Above all else, CNA’s must project their empathy and compassion at all times. These are vital qualities and when working with senior care clients and empathetic demeanor and caring bedside manner are paramount. 

Golden Heart’s CNA’s will successfully navigate any social situation with grace and portrait proper interpersonal skills with ease and treat your elderly loved one like part of their extended family.

Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah

At Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah, we provide compassionate and empathetic CNA’s. All of our caregivers are drug tested and background checked. They are formally trained and certified.

We are licensed, bonded and insured. We can provide comprehensive in-home care  including companionship care, memory care, complex home care, light housekeeping, meal prep and planning and much more.

Contact us today at (435) 669-3704 to find out how we can help you and your loved one.

You’re in good hands with Golden Heart!

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