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Shower_safety_Golden_Heart_Senior_Care ST GeorgeAs we age many things that we take for granted start to become much more difficult. Part of taking care of ourselves includes bathing. Bathtub safety should become a priority for all elderly adults and one that will make life a lot easier for them.

Making sure that bathrooms are safe and accessible requires many considerations. Conventional bathtubs work great when we are young and flexible. When we are older, they present challenges. 

One of the most common issues with conventional bathtubs is the risk of slipping and falling when getting out of a tub. The combination of soap and water can be dangerous. 

We have all grown up with bathtubs and showers of some form. We will take a look at what the available options are in today’s market, the pros and cons of each, and how they relate to bathtub safety.

Walk-In Tubs

The first option that we will look at is a walk-in tub. As the name implies, these tubs allow you to walk into them via a door instead of climbing into them. The overall size of the bathroom should be considered.

Walk-In Tub Examples Bathroom Safety for Seniors Golden Heart Senior Care

Pro’s for Walk-In Tubs:

  • Easy access for those who cannot stand
  • Allows the person to soak 
  • Some models provide jets for therapeutic value
  • Built-in seat
  • Built-in handrails
  • Built-in shower heads to rinse
  • Hydrotherapy

Con’s for Walk-In Tubs:

  • Waiting for tub to fill
  • Waiting for tub to drain – if there is a medical emergency while bathing alone this can be critical while waiting for tub to drain
  • Makes it hard for someone to assist with bathing
  • Installation costs
  • May require installation of higher capacity water heater

Cost’s for Walk-In Tubs range on average from $2,500 up to $5,000 depending on what options are installed.

Walk-In Showers

Walk-In Shower Examples Golden Heart Senior Care Bathroom Safety

The second option that we will talk about is a walk-in shower. This is a great option for any home if you decide to have one installed.

They provide safety on entry for all seniors, elderly and disabled people. With walk-in showers, you can walk right in and not have to step over anything, like getting into a tub. This is great for people with limited mobility.

Many walk-in showers also can be installed in the same space as an existing bathtub or bathtub/shower combination.

Pro’s for Walk-In Showers:

  • Easier to clean than a traditional tub
  • You don’t need an expensive door
  • Contemporary look and design
  • Can be installed in small spaces
  • Not as costly as a walk-on tub

Con’s for Walk-In Showers:

  • Less privacy than an enclosed shower
  • Water can get out and onto the floor (further falling hazards should be addressed)
  • Heat can escape making it colder

Cost’s for a walk-in shower average around $3,500 including installation.

No matter what kind of shower or tub you decide to put in your home, you need to do your due diligence in finding the right contractor. 

Reputable contractors should also suggest other ways to make your bathroom safer and more accessible. 

They should advise you on the entire process. Some things to consider are comfort height toilets, grab bars, raised toilet seats, and vanity and sink accessibility. Ensure that contractors are licensed and bonded and always ask for references.

How Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah can help: We are here to assist you with bathtub safety and also with making the entire home safe for you and your loved one. We can help you find licensed and bonded contractors in the St. George area. Through research of our own, we can highly recommend Canyon Kitchen and Bath; They specialize in remodeling are well versed in safety and better living for seniors.

If your loved one is unable to afford a remodel, Golden Heart Senior Care, St. George caregivers can assist with bathing and hygiene. We can also help our clients with speaking to insurance companies and medical device companies to investigate other options available to seniors using their existing bath configuration. 

Any Golden Heart Senior Care caregiver who enters your home goes through our process of background checks, drug testing, interviews, and references. We are also licensed and bonded. Please refer to our Senior Advocacy page for more information. If you would like Golden Heart Senior Care Southern Utah to advocate for you and your loved one, please call us at (435) 669-3704.

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